Why Push-Pull TV ?

Our main paradigm is the Future of TV is TV.

The founders of Push Pull TV, have decided to join their forces to answer to the new challenges coming from the arrival of OTT in the TV industry & programs. The synthesis of their experiences is to provide a scope of turnkey services able to serve the new needs of content consumption and satisfy viewers, broadcasters & content owners.

Push Mode

New experiences for TV programs

This mode proposes a menu of experiences available for one TV program. The viewer has just to select his preferred environment, and then he just has to watch the TV in a passive mode, with his selected elements.

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Push-Pull Mode

The interactivity

This mode proposes a solution to control dynamically the experiences from the TV remote control or from a 2nd device (smartphone, tablet, etc...)

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Pull Mode

A second screen experience on the first screen (TV)

The Pull mode is a full interactive environment where viewer can browse and choose any element, content, data etc... like in a second screen app, all the depth of info available, continuing to watch the live video (resized or not) on his TV. It can be compared to a "second screen" experience, but on the main one (TV).

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We provide the possibility to choose between different languages

Multiple statistics

Choice of level of statistics (by team, player...) & data providers

Look and Feel

All the graphics are customizable in order to provide the user the best experience

Branding & sponsoring

The Broadcaster can control sponsoring of the interactive environment

Control of interactivity

The control of interactivity fully managed by the Broadcaster

Viewer control

The viewer (or subscriber) can be identified by the Broadcaster


The different modes proposed are not exclusive, there are usable in parallel and switchable


Our mission is to support the heterogeneous world of connected TV devices

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